Have you noticed? The weather is playing tricks on the spring plants.

Cherry Trees blooming.

Osmanthus and Forsythia are showing off some tiny blooms.

Spring bulbs peaking–my hyacinth have started to peak through…way too early for these guys!

The mild weather has tricked these plants into coming out sooner than they should.  The freezing frost sent the first signal of winter and with the recent upswing in temperatures, these spring plants think its time to show off.

What does this mean? Well, the good news is that it won’t cause permanent damage to your plants.  Bad news..those will probably frost over and die and you will have less blooms come spring time.  So make a mental note when spring comes and your flowers are not blooming as prolifically as the past, there is a reason–the wild winter weather that tricked them into blooming early.

Enjoy the show while you can…this year it will be a 2-part miniseries of blossoms.

Happy Gardening.