For some reason, I channeled my inner “Twin Peaks” voice when I wrote that title (hehehe).

But on a much more serious note…I suck at house plants.

Desperate House Plants--Check out my carnage in 2011

I was reminded of this shortcoming over the holidays as I see people’s gloriously decorated homes and their fabulous, green, LIVING house plants.

But I really don’t feel so bad after my Uncle Will said his father was terrible at keeping house plants alive–keep in mind his father, Herb Rea, was a master horticulturist and lead grounds designer and keeper at Historic Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC. So even the best of us, have issues with keeping house plants alive.

So you want to know the Top 2 Errors that Lead to Murdered Houseplants?

1)Light–most people don’t have a convenient place to put plants that has enough light for them to thrive

2)Water–People either over-water or under water (I am guilty of under watering…poor plants…I often forget they are there, until they are brown and droopy.)

So for the new year, I am going to set a goal.  I have 3 thriving house plants and I want to keep them alive and thriving for a whole year.

Here are the three lucky, surviving house plants that will be the focus of my new year’s goal.

My Giant Sago Palm--My grandmother kept this one was a hand me down.

Jade Plant--I have tried this one before...with a little luck and water perhaps this one will survive.

Christmas Cactus--I sure hope it lives to bring good cheer 😉

Fingers crossed, I can turn my plant murdering ways around.

What about you? Do you have any new year’s plant goals? Share below…

Happy Gardening.