Homegrown greens at New Years are not unusual at our house.  But the mild December weather is giving  us a bumper crop this year.

Chard–Kale–Turnip Greens

Here’s a mess (as my grandmother would say) just cut and ready for Monday night’s dinner.    

While grandmother loved to cook her greens a long, LONG time, I approach mine like an Italian–that means with a light hand:

Rinse in a colander and shake off excess water.  (Some water will cling to leaves and that’s ok.  It helps them cook)

Dump greens  into a large, wide  skillet and toss with some good olive oil and salt. 

Now I add my secret ingredient:  Polli Garlic and Spicy Peppers from Capri Flavors, optional–but a great product to have in your frig. 

Top with a lid and cook over medium high until greens are just wilted and barely tender. 

Dress with a little vinegar if desired (I use white balsamic, another Capri Flavors favorite). 

And that’s what’s cooking at my house–How about yours?  Is anything from the garden on your table this January?