Weeds, Weeds, Weeds

I don’t know about you, but I hate weeding.  It is an endless chore when you have a garden.  But I must admit, this weekend the conditions were perfect for what I call a “weed-a-thon.”  An unexpected warm winter weekend offered the perfect environment to appreciate weeding.

Why were these the perfect conditions for weeding? I will tell you 4 reasons why…

  1. An unexpected warm day in the middle of winter--normally this time of year, it is too cold to get out and work in the garden.  These near 70 degree temps inspired me.
  2. The ground was moist–it is terrible to pull weeds when the ground is frozen or dry.  Right after a good rain or a series of showers when the ground is moist really helps loosen those roots.
  3. Since it is the winter, most weeds aren’t even close to seeding, so this really helps you keep the weeds from spreading if you pull them now
  4. Young weeds are easier to pull.  With all the unusual warm temperatures, I had more weeds than normal this time of year, but since they are young, they are a whole lots easier to pull up than when they get established

I am not sure if we will get any more of these types of days for the rest of the winter.  But I suggest you take note of the weeding tips,  you will need them come spring regardless.

What about you? Do you have weeding tips you would like to share?

Happy Gardening