Hello, My Name is Christine and I am a Gardener… My first garden club presentation starts with a funny story.

Pal Jon from Floral Dimensions  and I were splitting  the program, and like the old TV producers that we are, we were set up early and fine tuning our Powerpoint presentations with plenty of time to kill…. 

I was even helping one of the hostesses rearrange chairs….before we realized this was the wrong location, wrong meeting, wrong garden club. 

Good News–there are lots of gardeners and garden clubs out there.  They have good programs and do many worthy projects.

Bad News–many garden clubs meet on Tuesdays in locations very close to one another.  It’s easy to get confused. 

Fortunately, Jon and I were able to rush around the corner and make our talks at the right house. 

Thanks to the nice ladies of the  Town & Country Garden Club for waiting.   I really enjoyed meeting you and talking  about my garden and how  this blog helps me share it.  

In the two years Melissa and I have been posting on You Should Grow That, we’ve had 27 thousand views, swapped ideas,  solutions, seeds, and plants.  We’ve also made a ton of garden friends and gained great perspective.

So share your gardens–in a talk, a blog, a comment,  a conversation, an invitation, a Facebook page.  

No one gardens alone.   We all need ideas, inspiration, encouragement…and the free plants don’t hurt.