Every garden needs rich soil to grow.  Don’t I know it, after some failed collards and turnip greens in my vegetable beds this fall.

I was fortunate to have awesome friends that offered a unique solution to my soil amendment problem – Composted Llama Do.  You read it right–poop from Llamas. You can’t buy that at your local big box home improvement store.

Pile 'O Llama Poop

First of all, let me thank and give a shout out to some friends Megan and Ivy for sharing their precious treasure with me.  They have both llamas and donkeys on their little Chatham County farm.  They tirelessly clean after their llamas and pile up the poo to compost.

Co-blog writer, Chris, and I went out to Chatham County to collect this black gold for my garden bed.  As you would imagine, we had to shovel and wheelbarrow about 12 loads of the compost in the truck.  Then we had a fabulous lunch of salad, homemade bread and homemade pimento cheese, while all our dogs frolicked in the woods.

The Truck Load

What goes in the truck must come out.  So we headed to my place, and got the wheel barrow and shovel and moved the composted llama poo to my vegetable garden.  It was a chilly day, but cold temps could not stop me from this unique experience or the compost to amend my soil.  We will see how it does come spring and summer.

Unloading the Black Gold

Load by load, I filled my garden bed

TIP: You know when manure is fully composted and ready to be added to your soil when you no longer smell it.

To my surprise, this wasn’t a stinky adventure, since this batch of llama stuff was fully composted.

Happy Veggie Garden

So there you have it…a story about driving miles for poo for the garden….but I would do just about anything for my garden, wouldn’t you?

Do you have any wild adventures you would like to share in pursuit of gardening? Comment below.

Happy Gardening.


Thanks again Megan and Ivy…your llamas rock!