Browsing though glossy seed catalogs on a January day is a little like going to Whole Foods when you’re really, really  hungry and don’t have a list. 

It’s easy to go overboard.

Trust me.  I’ve done it.  And while there are worse sins than ordering  too many seeds–space, sunshine and water are limited.  I want to make the most of my garden, and my garden budget. 

So when blog partner Melissa and I got together to plan our seed purchases,  we started with a list. 

Here it is–

Tomatoes are on the top.  We’ll order those first. 

Sweet Chelsea, Floralina, Bella Rosa, Goliath, and Red Jelly bean are favorites from previous years.  Green Zebra and Mortgage Lifter are new to us–recommended by trusted Southern gardening friends.   

Also on the list–Calypso Cucumber, developed by NC State; a milder Mexican pepper and some flashy new morning-glory vines from a place my sister found called Summer Hill

One more step before Melissa and I open the catalogs–we inventoried our seeds from last year.  No sense in ordering something we already have. 

All that said–I’m sure some flowers seeds will end up on my list.  I like to try a new flower or two every year.   So  send suggestions please.  What flowers do you always start from seed? What’s new and special on your order this year?

PS  Melissa and I aren’t the only gardeners putting vegetables first.  Pal Megan just shared an interesting article from the NY Times about the trend toward growing more food, fewer flowers.  Here’s the link, with some flower growing suggestions.