I love green flowers and  Bearsfoot Helleborus ( aka  Helleborus foetidus) is one of the best.

Evergreen, shade-loving and blooming very early in my Wake County woods, this Lenten rose relative is having a stellar year thanks to our  mild winter. 

Here’s Bearsfoot Helleborus blooming with some sun tinged Nandina in a new bed that screens our wood pile. 

I love the subtle red/green color combo.  

The blooms have lasted for weeks already–a nice thing about flowers that bloom in the winter. 

The Chartreuse coloring is so bright that’s it’s a highlight from my kitchen window almost 25 feet away. 

Before you buy plants, ask someone who grows this hellebore for a start.  Bearsfoot seeds all over my woods–there are always plants to share. 

Yes, the leaves do resemble marijuana . (Maybe bears feet look like marijuana leaves, too.  I have never checked that out) .  Just make sure you show this plant off  to younger friends and relatives  when it’s blooming so they will believe it when you say, ” No, It’s not pot”.   

Don’t ask me why this plant is also sometimes called, “Stinking Helleborus”. It does not smell…much less smell bad.  

In fact, I’ve encounter NO downside to  Bearsfoot Helleborus.   Quite the opposite.  It’s a great woods plant–tough, and beautiful in evey season. 

You should grow that. 

So what’s having a stellar season at your house right now? Let’s hear  your notes on this mild winter in the garden.

PS.  While I am NOT a nursery  and can’t mail plants, if you live near my Apex Garden and want a start of Bearsfoot Helleborus, please ask.