I have a great big box of seed packets, jars, and envelopes.  And it must make me look a bit over the top, because people who see it always ask, “Can you keep those from year to year?”

It depends on how long and how they are stored I tell them. 

Heat and moisture are the big enemies in seed storage.  And over time germination rates go down. 

But scientists just regenerated a 32 thousand-year old plant–the oldest ever.  Bear in mind the seeds were found frozen, transported frozen and reproductive material was extracted and regenerated.  They didn’t just plop it in growers mix. 

Meanwhile–We found this seed packet from the early 90s in a box of recipes from my mother-in law’s kitchen and despite several tries, I didn’t get a single sprout. Too close to the stove  for too many years, I guess.

Seeds survive best in a cool, dry place.   Freezing is an option. 

Years ago I kept seeds in the freezer in a  plastic bag with a  paper towel bundle of powdered milk as a desiccant to wick the moisture away.  It worked pretty well–but the bag kept getting bigger and bigger.  There was no room for food. 

So I keep it simple–an antique seed box under a bench in the dinning room (Not Outdoors!)   

How about you?   It’s the season for seeds.  What great successes are you having?