So yesterday, I set out to do the most dreaded deed in gardening…weeding.  And decided, they are the smartest plants ever….

Here are 3 reasons why weeds are smarter than me and other plants:

1)They know where to grow.  They grow where you other desired plants grow…they know the soil is amended, and that when the heat gets tough they will be watered.

2)They have shallow roots.  Yep, they have adapted throughout time to know that drought is coming and they can survive the hell.

3)They are prolific.  Every time I think I have them all…the next day, it seems they have multiplied like gremlins. Don’t feed them after midnight or let them get wet 😉

My weeds make me feel dumb.  Definitely the most brilliant of all plants on earth.

Do your weeds make you feel that way? Comment below on how smart your weeds are…or share how you have outsmarted them?

Happy Gardening.