The seedlings are up!! One week after blog partner Melissa and I planted tomato seeds, we have baby plants in all our containers!! 

And while Melissa is doing a great job of documenting the seed starting process in her short blog videos–here are a few hints about what happens next–

Light is critical.  You can buy adjustable grow lights (like mine from Park Seed) or use fluorescent shop lights on chains– but the key word here is adjustable. The light source needs to be close to seedlings as they grow.  

Add a fan.  It prevents seedlings from getting the fuzzies, or damping off  (a nasty form of stem rot) and makes them strong and stocky.  I don’t do a seed table without adding a fan or two.

Bottom water with weak fertilizer.   Any water-soluble fertilizer will do, just make it light and don’t oversoak your plants (as in forget them overnight). 

Now cross your fingers–free  tomato plants for friends and family in less than a month, lord willing and the creek don’t rise as my farming forefathers (and mothers) used to say.

What are you growing to share?