So this time of year is awesome for watching things “pop,” but the opposite can be true too.  The next month or so will reveal what actually survived our super hot summer and do I have some exciting dirt from my garden.

So I tragically thought 2 trees I planted last year bit the dust.  They looked horrible. I knew I was going to have to go and dig them up and decide if I was going to replace.  Well in the last week are so, proved me wrong.  They survived.

Look at this baby pink dogwood- it will still need some major attention this summer, but it made it.

Pink Dogwood

This one looked like a goner...but it made it.

And this Chinese Fringe Tree came out with a vengeance.

Chinese Fringe Tree

I just knew this winter that this one wasn't going to make a come back. So glad I was wrong.

So take a lesson from me…don’t give up quite yet.  Your plants may surprise you.

Happy Gardening.