The happiest plants in my garden (like the splendid Detuzia blooming above and below) have come from other gardeners. 

That’s why every spring and fall, blog-partner Melissa, my husband Bill and I try to organize  a plant swap. 

Our rules are simple:  You don’t have to bring a plant, but everyone must take  at least one plant away.   

The baby tomato plants that Melissa and I started from seed last month are always a highlight of the spring swap.  Since seed packets usually contain about 30 seeds, there are plenty of  plants to share.

This spring my sister brought flats of her beautifully tended flower seedlings all the way from Virginia–another highlight.

Everything from columbine to camellias and banana trees found new homes.  Pal Jon even contributed another detuzia (which was snapped up right away).

One tip:  Make sure you have lots of labeling materials on hand.  We used scissors to cut up plastic 4- packs.   Popsicle sticks from the craft store, sharpies and wine box dividers were great for marking plants. 

The rest was easy- It’s a perfect time to share your garden–great weather and lots of flowers.   

What would you bring to a plant swap?