I love Foxgloves.  They are one of the few tall plants that flower in my woods garden. 

This is Digitalis purpurea.  Yes, it grows like a weed in Britain.  It takes a little more work in my hot, dry North Carolina woods. 

But not much work.  These plants came from last year’s blooms near the downspout at the back of the garage.  I transplanted them to a woods bed in fall and now look–


That life cycle means Foxgloves are a biennial–one of the those plants that grow one year and flower the next.  Then they die or at least look like death warmed over, so I pull them out.

But first,  I’ll shake the seed around, and hope for the best–more stately plants next year. 

I do sometimes see foxgloves for sale in big box stores–in bloom and marked  “Perennial”.  Don’t buy them.  Buy seeds instead, or make friends with a foxglove grower like me, my sister or my good pal Susan.

I’ll put the first 5 or so who want to try it on a seed waiting list.  Leave a comment and let me know.  And Happy Spring!.  Don’t you love this cool weather>