If you’ve ever grown pansies, you’ve grown Hardy Annuals.  Plants that winter over, bloom in early spring, and then set seed  are very easy to grow in the South.  So don’t stop at pansies.  There are dozens of hardy annuals you can try.  These 4 are making a big splash in my zone 7 B garden right now.

Baby Blue Eyes look great with viola.   The viola came to the garden as transplants from Campbell Road Nursery in Cary. The Baby Blue Eyes  grew around them from a few packets of seed I raked in.   Love the color combo of blue and violet.  A true blue flower is hard to find.  This little one fits the bill.

Dianthus is another favorite hardy annual of mine.  Fragrant and covered with blooms, I  like to combine them snapdragon (below). 

Flashy aren’t they?  What hardy annuals are you having good luck with this spring?  Please add them to the list.