Often I get overwhelmed by weeding and watering…but when things bloom in my garden, it all becomes worth it.

So here are the blooms that are rocking in my Raleigh garden–despite some minor neglect from my day job 😉

Flowering Tobacco

Amazing purple flowering tobacco dominates my garden.

Pink Roses

Pretty in Pink...these roses not only dazzle but are fragrant too.

Chinese foxglove

A biennial you all should grow - exotic yet classy--my chinese foxglove.

Yellow Wall Flowers

The term "wall flower" has a bad rap - but these yellow flowers offer such color in my garden this time of year.

I decided to take my own advice…and enjoy.  Yes, still lots of planting and mulching to do…but these buds keep me going.

What about you? What is blooming in your garden? What should we add to the list?

Happy Gardening.