Big Splash in my tropical garden – the plant everyone wants to steal.

What a name! Bear’s Breeches…being from the south “breeches” reminds of my grandma.  It is a common word in her vocabulary.  For those who may not know what it means…breeches are pants.  You use it in a sentence like this – “Your breeches are too big and are falling off of you.”

Now that we have had a southern language lesson, let’s get on to the plant itself and why you should grow it in your garden.

Just look at it…it rocks.  It is big…big leaves, showy stalk-like flower shoots.  Every time someone comes to my house and has a festive beverage on the deck, I can almost guarantee they will comment on it.  What’s that? I want one…

Acanthus Mollis is the latin name. It is natively found in the Mediterranean.  It likes partial sun and good soil.  It is a perennial so it comes back every year.  The flower stalks are taller than me…I would estimate almost 6 feet tall.  The leafy part of the plant is about 2 feet tall. It does require watering in the summer…but this plant is worth it.

You should grow your own Bear’s Breeches. It will be all the rage in your garden.

Happy Gardening.


PS: It would make a great Mother’s Day present.