So I gave my grandmother some plants for Mother’s Day.  We had a great southern cook out to celebrate the mothers’ in our family.  Note that my grandmother was the one who first inspired me to love gardening.  So naturally, I thought I was so brilliant to offer her a variety of plants for mothers’ day…the gift that keeps on giving, right?

Keep in mind my family were former famers.  My mom and all her siblings grew up “barning tobacca” as well as other farming chores.  And as my grandma looked through her plant assortment…everyone chuckled and almost booed the morning glories I gave her.  I was lost…I didn’t understand.

They were quick to respond to my confusion.  Well Melissa, Morning Glories mean work for us…when you were assigned a row to work on the farm….if there were Morning Glories in your row, you had 3-4 times more work.  They had to be pulled and they were stubborn plants.  Because they were vines they would get caught up on your hoe or shovel….they were sticky and it was so much work to get rid of them.  After they explained, I got it.

But now that they don’t really farm anymore…the idea of introducing Morning Glories into a garden on a trellis that can be controlled was actually an interesting prospect.

So for all you former farmers….my advice, try some Morning Glories or any of the other decorative annual vines.  They just might delight you.

Happy Gardening.