I have lots of people tell me they can’t grow things or they aren’t gardeners…in fact just a few days ago a friend of mine said, “I am not really a gardener because I don’t know how to plant things, but I do know how to take of things.”  Well that statement inspired this post…

3 Questions to determine if you are a gardener

  1. Can you follow directions?
  2. Do you mind getting dirty?
  3. Can you take care of things?

That’s it.  Those 3 questions pretty much sum up gardening.

Directions are key…knowing what to grow where is critical for plant success.

Dirt is a part of gardening, so if you aren’t willing to get a little on you then you won’t enjoy gardening.

Care is how gardens grow and survive. All the great poets reference “nurturing” gardens because it is true.  Once you plant things, you have to be dedicated enough to water, feed, prune or divide.

If after the test you have decided to be a gardener. Here is a post to get you started from my co-writer, Chris.

Happy Gardening