There’s a new favorite hardy annual at my house. Introducing Ammi Majus “Graceland” commonly called Bishop’s Weed.

It reminds me of that childhood favorite–Queen Anne’s Lace–but Bishop’s weed  is more delicate, less weedy, and easier to grow than Queen Anne which is a true biennial. 

Sow hardy annual Ammi majus seeds where they are to grow in the fall.  Then stand back and wait for lovely spring blooms.   They look great in the garden and a vase–where they last a long, long time. 

My seed came from Thompson Morgan’s end of season sale last spring.  Here’s the link if you want to start your own lacy cloud.

I think every Southern gardener should grow lots of hardy annuals.  Bishops Weed is one of the best! 

What’s your favorite flower from seed?  Maybe we can work out a trade.