I never pull all the way up the driveway anymore.  My tomato plants like that spot too much. 

Tomatoes love sunshine.  And if you garden in the woods like I do, your best sun may be in the driveway.   

So I grow most of my tomatoes in large pots filled with growers mix, a little Osmoscote fertilizer and a handful of lime. 

The tomatoes are looking good this week–with lots of blooms.   And they’re  already out growing my tomato cages.  Time for some taller stakes.  

 Tomatoes are thirsty plants. 

Growing them in pots means they dry out more quickly. I water from a hose connected to my largest  rain barrel.   As the summer heats up, I might have to water every day. 

But that’s ok–

Homegrown tomatoes are more than worth the effort.  They are one of those plants that tastes a 100 times better when you grow them at home. 

And pots are a great way to start a little vegetable garden.   You can bring in the soil, control the moisture and follow the sun. 

It’s not too late to buy a tomato plant and give it a try.  

I also have eggplant, peppers, basil and okra growing in the driveway.    (I may never park in the garage again.)