So I was catching up on my Stephen Colbert last night and one of his guests was Will Allen, author of “The Good Food Revolution,” which talks about the need and now trend of urban farming.  I never thought of myself as an urban farmer, but I am.  I live in a city and I have a garden.

Summer 2012, My Very Own Urban Garden.

I am one of the fortunate ones to have the land and resources to grow some of my food.  This concept of “food deserts” is not new, but one that truly concerns me.  That many urban centers around our country have no access to fresh fruits, veggies and protein.  The people there live off of sodium-rich, high fat shelf food.  Could you imagine not having a tomato sandwich every summer, instead eating some “insta-meal?”  In addition to not having access to these fresh foods, they also have no connection to it.  No connection to how things are grown, seasonality and culture that comes with it.

I guess I really don’t have a tip or advice to share this week.  But if you are growing a garden, first, be proud.  Then share the love of that garden with others.  Inspire kids, colleagues and family to support community gardens, local CSAs (community supported agriculture) or organizations like the Produce Box.  Ironically, we all came from an agrigrean society and when we make “progress” sometimes we forget our roots.  Fresh fruits and veggies and locally grown meats, eggs and other protein sources not only help us to be healthy, but also creates this sense of community.

So grow more, share more and support your community to help provide fresh food access to all.

Happy Gardening.