It’s July and our flower gardens need two things right now:  Water to stay alive and deadheading to keep blooming. 

Watering is pretty self evident.  We seem to fight this heat/drought battle every year.  And watering takes so much time, the deadheading often gets overlooked. 

But keeping spent blooms trimmed off your plants will make more blooms.  This is especially true of large-flowered  annuals like zinnias which are the mainstay of my flower garden at the hottest time of the year. 

Their life cycle is simple.  They bloom, set seed for future year’s blooms and die.    Deadheading postpones the set seed and die part of the cycle .  Flowers bloom and bloom. 

The good news is–deadheading is very easy.  Get some scissors, your morning coffee or evening wine and get out there.   You don’t have to do the whole garden at once.  And don’t forget to cut a few flowers to enjoy in the house.

PS.  Do compost the spent blooms unless the plants are diseased.   Diseased plants should never go in your compost pile.  I leave them for the town to pick up instead.