Best Classic Tomato Sandwich

Best Classic Tomato Sandwich

Tis the season for tomatoes.  Now I hate the heat (shocking thing for a southerner to say, but it is true), but I love tomatoes and you need the heat to produce the best ones.

Here are the 7 things you need to make the perfect tomato sandwich:

Classic Tomato Sandwich ingredients

My Tomato-Making Still Life

  1. Tomatoes (this time of year they are abundant and flavorful–check local farmer’s markets or even your grocery store that supplies local produce might be an option)
  2. Serrated Knife – a serrated knife is best to cut through the tomato skin
  3. Cutting board – keep your counters intact
  4. White bread – I cheat and have “white wheat” but for some reason it isn’t a traditional tomato sandwich without it
  5. Mayonnaise – you know I am partial to Duke’s but you can use your favorite, I will look the other way.
  6. Salt
  7. Pepper

That’s it.  This time of year, I eat them as much as possible because come fall, tomatoes won’t be worth eating, especially as the featured ingredient in a dish.

Happy Gardening.