Many of my novice gardening friends always ask me for easy, kill-proof plants or flowers to put in their gardens.  Well, this is one of the my staple responses….the Black-Eyed Susan (Redbeckia).

I really think these golden beauties would grow at the gates of hell.  They are tough, prolific and stunning.  They make an amazing cut flow or a bunch at the mail box or within your border flower bed.  They are one of the most versatile plants I grow.  Plus, they remind me of my grandma.  She digs them!

One thing about the Black-Eyed Susan that fascinates me is that it can be an annual, biennial or perennial. It depends on the variety and the climate.  In the south, they are perennials – the gift that keeps on giving.

What do you think? Do you have Black-Eyed Susans in your garden? Are they not one of the best low maintenance, high pay-off plants?

Happy Gardening.