And Sachel Paige was pitching stars to heaven…

I think of that line about the old school baseball great every time I throw a rotten tomato, pepper, or cucumber as far as I can  into our Wake County (NC)  woods.

Kudos to my Daddy for teaching me two important life lessons:

How to throw like a boy (not a girl) and to get all my vegetable garden trash (bad fruit, spent leaves and vines) as far away from the garden as possible. 

It’s something to remember as our gardens wind down and we start thinking  about doing it better next year.

Veggies, especially veggies like tomatoes are prone to soil bore viruses.  Wilts, mosaics–the list of diseases that attack plants in our hot humid weather is daunting. 

Ideally we’d all have enough land to rotate our edible crops.  Never growing tomatoes, peppers or cukes in the same spot two years in a row would help control diseases a lot. 

But few people have that kind of space anymore. 

Back in the day,  I remember farmers burning off their fields to sterilize and kill  plant viruses.  You can also lay down black plastic to raise the soil temperature for weeks and solarize.   

Mostly,  I just  get by growing  wilt- resistant tomatoes,  keeping sick plants out of my compost and tossing bad vegetables as far as I can–

What about you?  Any advice to make my garden healthier?  I do wish my tomatoes and cucumbers would look as good as they taste.