Today I made an impromptu trip to the ever popular craft show, Cary Lazy Days.  Wow…so many people, so many booths and so many incredible artists. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many creative people–plus the cooler temperatures made it such a treat.

There were lots of garden or yard art booths.  As you know, I always struggle committing on garden decor, but this piece was so cool, I couldn’t resist.

Flower yard art

A groovy garden decor piece made of old utensils…perfect addition to my garden.

What a fabulous piece.  It is eclectic and made from recycled utensils–groovy and green, too. I had so many patrons ask me where I got it–I was so proud of my choice.  Group validation always helps with commitment issues 😉

How about your yard art? Share your most unique piece with us.

Happy Gardening.