My first experience with Abelias was not a good one–

The heavily pruned, small-flowered, dull-leaf shrubs outside my elementary school didn’t have a lot going for them…especailly after eight long years of pulling the kick-ball out their depths. 

But Abelias got a lot of attention from plant breeders in the 90s and a lot of great new cultivars emerged.   

Like Abelia Canyon Creek which is flourishing in my Apex garden.

This small shrub has so much going for it!

First, it’s been blooming for about 2 months.  The blooms are fragrant.  Bees and butterflies love them. 

Even when it’s not in bloom, Abelia Canyon Creek has showy leaves.  New growth is bronze changing to yellow.  And the plant is evergreen so it’s interesting all year-long.  

Abelia Canyon Creek–It’s one of my favorite shrubs. 

What about you?  Fall is for planting.  Any suggestions about other shrubs that need a second chance?

PS.  My Abelia Canyon Creek came from the PAX sale at NCSU.  The next sale is later this month–Sept. 29th.  Mark your calendars.  The great shrub selection and prices make it a NOT Miss sale.