Blog partner Melissa covets my balsam impatients–and why not. These amazing annuals are almost effortless.

They bloom all summer and reseed constantly. New plants grow quickly and bloom their heads off with in weeks.

Balsam seed pods

Balsam is an amazing garden plant.

New Balsam plants are always aprouting–

My grandma grew them. Yours probably did, too. But after the 1950s Balsams fell out of favor as the bedding impatients we all know took off.

Too bad. Balsams are great plants. They’re easy to grow from seed and their old-fashioned charm fits beautifully in my front flower bed. It’s time they were rediscovered.

Let me know if you want some seed. It’s the only way to get a start of Balsams. I’ll gladly share what I have.