Fall is perfect–perfect for gardening that is.  It’s cool temps allow you to work outside without breaking too much of a sweat.  Recently, the slow rain quenches the thirst of any plants you put in the ground.

This weather inspired me to get out and garden.  The summer really bummed me out.  I thought I had lost that loving feeling for gardening.  Nope.  It is still there.  And after an entire weekend in the mud….yeah, it has come back with a vengence.

Top priority for me…prune and move. Let’s explore moving first.  Now that I have be gardening for 3 years now, I have finally gotten some established beds.  But they need some maintaince.  Recently, I moved several plants.  They grew and looked out of place.

Three things to consider when deciding to move your plants:

  1. Plants need room.  I find that I plant way to close to a fence or house or backdrop.  When you plant grows this becomes overwhelmingly apparent.  If your shrub is too close, it is time to move it–foward at least.
  2. Be prepared to water.  Just like that spinning or Zumba class, when you are tired and thirsty, well that is probably how your plant feels.  Exhausted from the move and water soothes that trauma.  Don’t water to much though…everything in moderation 😉
  3. Embrace your anxiety about it.  I was so nervous to move my plants.  Just look at these pics:

These plants looks miserable, right?  It will be alright and it is perfectly natural to be nervous about doing something for the first time.  Leaves may fall off, but they will come back in spring. Don’t let that prevent you from moving though…gardens are supposed to evolve.

So Get Out and Garden!

Happy Gardening.