I love tropicals.  We are very lucky to be able to grow many in this climate.  I got my first banana tree 2 years ago from one of our “You should grow that” Plant Swaps. It is awesome.

Well in two years time, logically, it grew. It grew so large it was taking over the steps on my deck.  People couldn’t get down them without moving some giant leaves.

So it was time to move it.  But first I had to create space.  I moved one of my shrubs to a lonely bed on the side of the house.

Then with shovel in hand…I dug it up.  Boy was it heavy, I totally overestimated how much it weighed. Imagine me…little 5ft 2 inches tall trying to move this banana tree that was at least 7 ft tall and as big around as a barrel.  I didn’t want it to fall because it would crush the leaves.  So I dug a hole about 3 feet from its original spot…and got my”drag” on.  Yep…I had to pull it to its new place.  Then I used my shovel as a prop and filled in the dirt around.

Now it is in its happy new home.  It has plenty of room to grow up and even out, although I will need to lob off some shoots ongoing.

The Big Banana Move complete!

Happy Gardening