Maine  gardeners can have their dinner plate dahlias–I’ll take my Southern Salvias any day. 

What other plant can you walk away from for months, come back from your travels and find it blooming like this?

Salvia Van Houttei may be my all time favorite.  It’s tall, about 4 feet, and I love the rich burgundy flower color that fits so perfect with changing leaves.    

A warning–it’s tender.  But salvias root so easily from cuttings, that I always have a few plants to set out in spring. 

Lady in Red is another favorite tender salvia.  These are easy from seed (my sister grew them) and bloom all summer.  The plants in the photo were sheered back in July and just look at them now–

Salvias love our Southern fall weather.  Cooler temperatures make their blossoms glow.   And plants  will keep flowering  till frost with no help from me at all.  Can’t say that about dahlias.    You should grow salvias!