First, a disclaimer:  My rustic potting table doesn’t always look this tidy.  When I’m very busy in the garden, it tends to become a catch-all.  Good thing it’s tucked away on a side porch.  Still, twice a year I give it a good sweep and dust.

I use this piece to hold favorite pots and vases, stick cuttings and harvest seeds. 

Here are some hollyhock stalks from plants my sister gave me.    Soon I’ll pull the  pods off the stems, break them apart and store the seeds indoors in jars.

I cut this Woodland Tobacco seed head yesterday and gave it a good shake over a small pot. 

Cleome is another favorite heat loving plant.  It reseeds in my garden but I always save some seeds for friends.  My Kentucky grandmother grew it and like her it is tough and tall. 

And I’m worried about these balsam seed pods.  They may be too green to ripen properly.  I need the seeds for a blog reader in Wilmington.

Finally, here’s a recycled tray of potting soil and perlite ready for some of the many cuttings I make this time of year.   My daddy rooted all his geraniums in perlite.  It lightens the  potting mix making it easier for plants to grow roots. 

Later today, I’m going to stick some lovely coleus cuttings my pal Susan gave me from her garden.  Look for more about that in my next post. 

So what’s on your potting table?