You should grow Winterberry (Ilex verticillata).  I just got one at the most recent PAX sale at the JC Arboretum.  This one is extra special.  It is a yellow one.  What a jewel.

Winterberry is one of those plants that have several seasons of wonder.  The berries will stay throughout the winter and come spring small white flowers will appear.  While it is in the holly family, it isn’t prickly like a traditional holly, (one of my rules it not to plant anything that hurts)  but has some of the same benefits. It is deciduous though…so keep in mind when placing.

It’s native to the southeast US. Interestingly, when grown in a more web climate it produces a rich thicket, but in drier places it remains a tight shrub.

Regardless, I am so excited.  Plus, this one has these yellow orange berries. Bonus!

Happy Gardening.