Fall is the best time for planting In the South —

And lucky for me (and my little sister) Campbell Road Nursery  in Cary, NC always has a great fall perennial sale. 

Check out the back of her mini van after our latest shopping trip. 

Gallon perennials were only $2.50–4 inch pots just a $1 which means we could  be wild and crazy with our selections and try lots of great new plants. 

I bought Salvias, wood asters, foxgloves,  Siberian iris, Verbascum, blackberry lily and more. 

Our purchases may look a little beat up now, but no worries.  We’ll plant, mulch, and cut these plants back in the next few weeks.  Next spring and summer–lots of new flowers will grace our gardens.  What a deal!  

Were do you find your best plant bargains?