I usually spend Black Friday planting my spring blooming bulbs–but time got away from me this year.   

So when I set down at the computer to check my favorite  bulb sources on Thanksgiving night, the Ice Follies daffodils I had my heart set on were ALL SOLD OUT. 

Bad news, since I do want Ice Follies for the new section of woods garden I’ve tamed this year. 

If I could only grown one daffodil in my Wake County NC garden,  this tried and true early daffodil would be the one.    

The blooms are large, strong,  fragrant,  and great for cutting.   The bulb clumps increase year after year.  

I finally found some “landscape sized”  bulbs at Van Engelen, a wholesale source I’ve used before.  Landscape bulbs are smaller sized but Ice Follies  are such stong growers, I’m sure they’ll catch up in year or two.  And the price– 250 bulbs for $42  is unbeatable.    Here’s the link.


 What bulbs did you buy this year?   And if you haven’t yet, get busy.  Daffodils are great perennial plants.   You should grow them.