Two Free Holiday Decorations from the Garden

Why spend lots of money on things you have to store or goes out of style for the holidays.  Search for groovy holiday decor in the garden.  I did and here are couple I use in my holiday decorations.

1) Acuba Japonica Leaves

Acuba is abundant with groovy leaves.

Acuba is abundant with groovy leaves.
















2) Nandina Berries

mo berries, mo berries....dress up a cool vase or a wreath...easy and simple decor.

mo berries, mo berries….dress up a cool vase or a wreath…easy and simple decor.
















Put them in a vase and they make awesome decorations.  They are fresh and natural and they should hold up the whole month of December.












What about you? What kind of decor do you find hiding in your garden.  Share your best garden holiday decor tips.

Happy Gardening.