Before you take your weekly recycling to the curb, take a second look.  There are lots of cast-off containers that will help you root cuttings and make more plants.   recycle_1

Here’s a little mini-green house I upcycled from two nursery pots and a large plastic bowl cover.  (It was a party leftover.)recycle_2

Waxed cardboard milk cartons are a  favorite  container for making cuttings.  They’re tall and deep–the perfect shape to form roots. 

What ever container you use, make lots of drianage holes in the bottom. 

And use good  MOIST growers mix.     Press it in the container well so there are no air pockets.

I like to use rooting powder but it’s not always essential.   recycle_5

Moisture is essential, and that’s where my recycling bin can really help out with all the domed covers and packages our food comes in these days. recycle_3

Yes, you can always buy something new.  I’ve seen little glass and plastic houses for rooting.  The British have lovely (and pricey) garden jars–

But why not use what we already have?   

What are your favorite ways to recycle in the garden?