It’s time–

Time  to cover the dinning room table with plastic, dust off the grow lights and  sow tomato and pepper seeds indoors. time_1

Timing is critical when it comes to growing from seed.  I want to have these plants ready to plant in the garden by our last estimated frost date, April 15th.  Too early and they will be floppy and leggy.  Too late and the plants will  be stunted. 

Let’s hope my timing this year is just right.   (These plants were started March 8-14.) 

It’s time to set out purchased transplants of lettuce, spinach and other cool weather crops in the garden.time_2

And it’s time to eat lots of homegrown kale, collards, cabbage and other greens that wintered over so I’ll have that space empty when the aforementioned tomato plants are ready to set out. 

It’s also time to fertilize, mulch, powerwash outdoor furniture, weed the beds, clean the porches  etc, etc, etc.  Spring is the busiest season in the garden, sort of like Christmas if you’re in retail.  

So  don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labors.  Sit down and take in the view, even if your chairs are covered in winter’s grime.  time_chair

Bulbs, like these (Ice Follies and February Gold) daffodils planted in the woods last fall are looking good. time_newdaf

And here’s another favorite bulb blooming in my garden–Spring Starflower (Ipheion uniflorum and Tristagma uniflorum).  It will grow anywhere, even in the dry shade at the base of trees.Time_starflower_3

This tough little perennial will even grow between pavers, but since the foliage smells a bit like a skunk when it’s bruised, planting starflower on my little patio was not the best idea.  

One day, maybe I’ll move these. time_starwide Gardens are like mine are never really  finished. Might as well relax and enjoy!

PS.  It’s also time to start checking  yourself for ticks.  Can you believe I got my first tick bite on Sunday?  Yikes that’s early.