Many people probably skim the news and see random stories about honeybees dying and don’t really think about it.  It is an epic problem.  I am not trying to sensationalize anything, but without honeybees there would be no food. This problem effects more than tens of billions of dollars within the American agricultural economy.

Honeybees do far more than produce honey, they pretty much pollenate all food sources for animals and humans.  Therefore, these reports of a massive die out should raise concerns in us all.

Today, the US government released a study that there isn’t one single cause for the massive death of the honebees, but multiple ones, including poor nutrition, pesticides, parasites and lack of genetic diversity, (tangentially related -a big issue in Salmon these days too). More details of the study and the problem can be found in this New York Times blog article.

Bottom line – we don’t have the answer yet.  The problem is way more complex than we thought.  We aren’t equiped right now to solve for it.  But I have hope we will figure it out…it just may take a while.

Next time you see honeybee news, you may think twice about skipping the article.  It not only effects us garden lovers, but everyone.