I wish I could say I planned it.  I wish there was some sort of fabulous story of a romantic sunset that took my breathe away and inspired me to curate a landscape in bright yellows, oranges and a hint of pinks and reds, but I don’t.  This time, it was serendipity.  It was all luck. I am thankful.


What an amazing scene. A series of delicate yellow Japanese Irises popping after a few days of slow rain.  Passionate orange Gerber Daisies unfolding like a fan.  Then, surprisingly, the Nandina offers the unexpected red and pink hues.  A brilliant combination.  A combination that leaves me seeking that romantic sunset story in my near future.  Perhaps I will find such a story.

You should grow 3 of my favs together-

  1. Japanese Iris
  2. Gerber Daisy
  3. Nandina

You should let nature inspire your pallet.  Or perhaps, you can keep your fingers crossed and see if the garden fairies look kindly upon you and offer some luck.

Happy Gardening!