Let’s be honest, weeding is just a necessary evil of gardening.  We have talked about it before.

Here is a recap of the top tips on weeding:

  • Weeding is always better with a friend.
  • It is easier after a rain.

But the most important part of weeding is timing.

Here is my recent weeding adventure:

These prehistoric looking weeds were starting to invade my front bed.  They are nasty little things with prickly thorns all around.


You may use a trowel or a weeding tool.  Or you can go all chemical on them with some Round Up. Regardless of your method the most important part is getting to them before they set seed.  Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than tons of baby weeds to deal with.  Also, don’t forget to put them out for trash collection instead of putting them in your compost.  They are resilient plants and may very well take up dwelling in your pile.


Remember the next time you are putting off the weeding chore, be sure they aren’t getting ready to seed.  If you wait, it can exponentially increase your work.

Definitely weed before they seed!

Happy Gardening!