There’s enough concrete in Wake County (NC), don’t you think?  So I’m talking some back for agriculture.may_gardenwide

This is the third year I’ve turned my half of the driveway into a tomato garden. 

Tomato plants like sun and the driveway is the sunniest spot on our property.  There’s also lots of reflected light from the pavement and large white garage doors. 

This is such a good spot that the garden keeps expanding.  Along with tomatoes, I have other sun lovers like peppers, eggplant, and herbs in the driveway this year.  (Kudos to my loving husband  for being such  a tolerant fellow.)may_gardenpot

If you are going to grow vegetables in pots, make sure they are large pots.  Straw mulch helps retain moisture, but in the middle of summer, I will water my pots every day.may_gardenwater

Good thing my 500 gallon rain barrel is just around the corner at the back of the garage.may_gardenlable

Labels also matter.  Knowing what varieties perform well will help me make better choices next year. may_gardentall

And these brightly colored tomato cages look great, but they’re not tall enough by a long shot, so I add wooden stakes and trellises. 

BTY, growing up in the South “the garden” always meant the garden we got our meals from.   Daddy always had one. His mother raised 5 kids on “the garden” and a dead soldiers pension.  Bless her heart. 

What foods are you growing this year?