My little sister kept saying,  “It’s THE BEST poppy ever”. larens_one

Glad  I finally took her advice and raked some Lauren’s Grape Poppy Seeds into my garden this winter. 

I’ve never grown a prettier poppy–and I’ve grown at lot of these wonderful flowers over the years. 

Annual poppies are easy.  Just spread the tiny seeds in fall or winter. Rake them in open garden soil  and stand back. larens_wide

These tall , stately plants will bloom, then set thousands  of seed of their own.  There will be plenty to share with gardening friends (or sisters) for next season. 

One more thing–perennial Oriental poppies are a whole different beast.  They don’t enjoy our Southern heat and drought at all. 


So stick with hardy annual poppies like Lauren’s Grape.  Check out one of my sister’s favorite sources, Select Seed for some poppy seeds of your own.