flowergarden_wide Ok–this is NOT the best time to dig and divide Black Gamecock Iris.  But the plants, which bloomed in April, were taking up way too much space in my summer flower bed. flowergarden_iris

So out they come–and out go emails to friends who admired them in the spring. As you can see, I have  plenty to share.  flowergarden_bare

In their wake–blank space, glorious blank space.  I will fill it with these summer annuals (zinnias, cleome and Mexican sunflower) that I’ve been nursing along for weeks. flowergarden_newplants

Because flowers come and go, and sometimes fail, I’m always nursing a few annuals along this time of year.   In fact, I just planted cosmos seed  in plugs today.  I’m hoping they’ll take over when these splendid flowering tobacco flower out.flowering_tobacco

And on the other side of the garden–I finally gave in cut out the path our puppy dog was stomping through this stand of black eyed Susans. flowergarden_smashed

As you can imagine, Tralee was not happy. Dogs do tend to hate change–flowergarden_tralee