All my friends are jealous this week because I just pulled my first large tomatoes.    early_girl1

In Wake County (NC) big, homegrown tomatoes usually ripen by July 4th, but the weather this year….enough said. 

Still my little victory doesn’t mean I’m a better gardener than my friends.  I just have an Early Girl plant. 

Ok, I was  pretty smart this year.  I planted seed for EARLY, MID-SEASON, and LATE tomatoes.  Now my planning is paying off. 

Early Girl matures in about 55 days and while it doesn’t have the juicy sweetness or size of an August tomato, it’s very, very good.  early_girl2

There’s nothing like homegrown, is there? 

Fresh tomatoes are the centerpiece of  many summer meals in our house.  Here’s one of the favorites:  Caprese Salad made with homegrown tomatoes, basil, local garlic; plus buffalo mozzarella, and lots of good olive oil from my favorite Italian Market, Capri Flavors.  Check them out, especially if you need oil for roasting vegetables.  The house brand, Titina’s Extra Virgin is a bargain.  early_girl3

So what are you eating from the garden this week?