So I called my friend Allen in Phoenix last week to see if his garden was burning up the record-breaking heat wave.

Al was cool (as usual).  From his volunteer work at a community garden, he learned how to make cabanas.    Here are photos of his garden on those scary triple digit days.


This would also be a great solution for my friend Margie who lives  in Georgia.  She lost a bunch of trees this spring, and now has a  prized camellia is sweating it out in the sun. 

In fall, she plans to move it.  Cool weather will give the 7-year-old plant a fighting chance to survive transplant–but til them, maybe a cabana is what  Margie’s camellia needs.  Cabana2

When I see great solutions like this, I aways think of the quote from my idol,  NC gardener Elizabeth Lawrence.

“No one gardens alone”

How nice that we can learn so much from each other.  Thanks, Allen.  Wishing you cooler days ahead.