seedsave_1Thank goodness! The open paper sacks and cardboard boxes are NOT cluttering up the side porch anymore.   I took advantage of dry weather this week to finish harvesting my flower seeds.  seedsave_bag

When it comes to saving seeds, moisture is the enemy.  I use wide mouth jars–no lids.  Seeds like to be dry and cool.  seedsave_jars

No languishing in the hot garage for these.seedsave_results

No special tools either.  Cut and save seed heads in open bags and boxes.

Later,  I shake them over an old metal pan, then pick out the trash with my fingers.

Pour seeds in a jar and label.    You’ll thank yourself in the spring.

I save poppy seeds, woodland tobacco, mallow, bishops flower, larkspur, hollyhock, wild campanula, evening primrose and celosia.  What about you?

Another plus–seed saving gives me a great sense of continuity.  Already, I’m looking forward to next year.