When I started this blog venture with co-writer Chris, the first thing I did was to put in a tropical garden off my back porch.  It has been more than 4 years and to see it’s evolution is absolutely marvelous….wondrous actually.

This morning I walked out on the deck, and I see such a brilliant sight – these giant ginger blossoms peaking from the tropical jungle thicket.  It’s actually a Ginger Lily, or Hedychium.  Look at those salmon-colored beauties.  Gorgeous!

Ginger in the Jungle

You should definitely grow Ginger Lilies.  I got mine from Big Bloomers in Sanford.

Two keys to success in growing Ginger Lilies are:

  1. Plant in super sun
  2. Plant in well drained soil

That is all I have done and they have come back now 3 years in a row, growing taller every year.

How about you? Any thing in your Jungle that stands out?

Happy gardening.