Thanks to all the early summer rain we had, my Red Buckeyes (Aesculus pavia) are having a stellar year.

Branches on these wonderful small trees have been heavy with seed pods for many weeks.

This morning, the pods began to split and husband Bill and I harvested 37 buckeye seeds.

That’s a record!

Using fresh seed seems to be the trick for getting buckeyes to germinate at our house.

That in mind, I planted my harvest right away.

This big bowl of buckeyes, will go in the outdoor screen box. The cold weather ahead will be good for my planting and hopefully by spring, I’ll have a little forest.

Red Buckeye is a favorite small tree, BTW. Also called Firecracker plant, it has knock-your-socks off red blooms in the spring.

And like lots of native plants, it’s tough as nails at our house in Wake County NC.

Then there are the big buckeyes that hang there, so full of potential.

Do beware, though. Our dog seemed to know instinctively that buckeyes are poisonous, but children might not. Keep these are all seeds out of reach.

So what exciting things are you harvesting in this garden this month?